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Welcome to Online Insurance Advisor, the place for advice on all things insurance.

Sometimes you need to speak to an expert. Whether you’re looking for help on all sorts of specialties, advisors have a varied level of expertise and specialise in various areas, including:

  • Specialist life insurance (for those who have certain medical conditions, work in high risk jobs, have trouble obtaining cover for various reasons)
  • Specialist home insurance (for instance, those living in high-risk areas, flood risks, non-standard construction properties, and anyone else who needs specialist cover)
  • Specialist car insurance (for instance if you’ve had medical issues, has previously been banned, or for high-value cars and other specialist vehicles, or anyone who has had trouble getting cover)
  • Specialist high-value item insurance (for unique items that exceed standard policies, specialist items outside the home, antique insurance, and anything else where cover is not offered as standard or you have trouble finding it!)
  • Specialist event insurance


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